Tack Lockers

empire coachbuilders

Here at Empire, we’re well aware of the importance in storing your tack not only correctly, but securely. With our own first-hand experience with horses, we also know that whether you be at a stay away show or perhaps Pony Club camp, walking back and forth to your horse box with all your kit can become a bit of a hassle and you can often end up forgetting something and having to walk back and forth all over again!

This is where a tack locker can come in handy. Keeping all your kit safely and securely in one place – meaning you really do have everything you need on hand.

The Empire Tack Locker is the perfect storage solution. Inside you’ll find a well-designed storage space, with shelving, a pull out bridle rack along with other singular bridle racks, saddle racks and railings which are perfect for storing saddle pads or rugs.

This still leaves ample room within to keep all your rider essentials too, such as your hat, jacket and boots.